Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You can Talk the Talk...but can you Walk the Walk?

WOW. I have been absolutely BOMBARDED with things to do lately. I am SO terribly sorry that I haven't updated lately!
I have been running around like a maniac. My plate has never been this full and, with a joke from my oh-so-clever boyfriend, I am not a fast eater (ha-ha-ha)! I feel like I am juggling about 40 different things, when in reality I just need to work on my time management. Sometimes I wonder if I just talked it up that I could handle all of these things when in reality I just "wanted" to be able to...but I know I can do it! I just need to get organized. The beginning of the year is always the hardest time for me to get myself together. I still haven't bought the curtains for my room yet?? Get a grip Lindy. Thankfully the air is getting cooler and things are starting to slowly but surely fall into place (pun intended). 

Anywho, let me fill you in on what's been going on around here lately! 

1. The beautiful and talented Leslie from A Blonde Ambition (the blog I intern for) just got married!! I know that we have never "officially met" in person but it has been over a year since I started interning with her and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunities she has cast my way! She is insanely sweet, her blog is awesome, and I am so happy that she is finally married to the man of her dreams! Congratulations, boss!
2. Secondly, my amazing twin and best friend Laura (click this to get to her blog) has been given the opportunity to launch and lead, as the President and Editor-In-Chief, Her Campus Magazine- Appalachian State University! She picked a talented team, vigorously set up all the online shenanigans, and officially launched the online magazine yesterday! I LOVE how it turned out and I am so proud of everything she has accomplished. One thing that I am thankful for is being blessed with a wonderful family that is full of driven members set on making a name for themselves. I can't wait to see all the fun posts and articles that are updated each and every week! So make sure to check out Her Campus at Appalachian and add it to your favorites or your tool-bar because it will surely keep you coming back to read more and more!
3. Thirdly, I have been absolutely crazy about CollegeFashionista! This experience may not be easy, but it is definitely rewarding and I wouldn't change it for the world! Last week I took a picture of a fashionable fella wearing some burgundy pants that I WANTED. I have a severe case of the burgundy blues. I mean who doesn't love some colored pants!? Make sure you check out my latest post and LIKE the LINK, just scroll to the bottom of the post and click Like...There is a contest for who gets the most likes and I'm trying really hard to get the ECU name out there, people! 
4. Fourthly (btw I don't even know if you can really "phrase numbers" like this but I'm doing it anyways) I feel awful because I never got to show ya'll those pictures I promised I would about Back to School fashion! My lovely friend Allison took these shots a while back and I am going to share little bits and pieces of them right now as a tiny treat because they are just too great to forget about! Enjoy....

I know that this post was just a mess of things thrown together but I knew I needed to update! The budget copy of my next fashion column in The East Carolinian is due tonight and I am super excited to share with ya'll what it's going to be about so make sure you stay tuned, readers! GAH I MISSED YOU GUYS! Can't wait to update again very soon...hopefully with some street style shots for students around my fabulous school! Hope you all have a classy Wednesday...

keep on keepin on fashionistas

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Rush until Wednesday...but I'll be back soon with plenty of stylish students & posts to share!

keep on keepin' on fashionistas

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey Autumn....

Welcome back.
welcome back hot drinks on cool days...
welcome back cozy  jackets that we pull on when we feel the bite of crisp fall mornings...
welcome back all-time-favorite look of boots & tights or socks or jeans...
welcome back fuzzy hats that look adorable with bedhead hair...
welcome back friends, football, family dinners, the crunch of fall leaves under your feet, trips to the beautfiful North Carolina mountains, inviting sweaters, snuggling up on the couch with a movie, the warmth of holding hands, bonfires and smores, knee high socks, you're favorite worn-down sweatshirt, that warm comfortable feeling of hugging someone that you love in the cool Autumn air, memories that we'll never forget....
via pinterest
we missed you & we're SO glad you're back.

keep on keepin on fashionistas,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Girl With Big Dreams

If you don't already know, I'm a small person. I'm 4'10 and when people see me (or my twin sister) all they seem to say is "You're so LITTLE!" As if I don't already realize this, they have to add other remarks like "You're about the size of my 10 year old sister!" or "I just want to pick you up and put you in my pocket!" or "Don't go outside when it's windy or you might blow away" haha things like that! But I'm used to it, and in reality I just think it's funny and it doesn't bother me at all! When I glance at everyone else marveling at my tininess all I can think of is how I may look small on the outside, but I have a big personality and
I want to travel.
I want to live in New York City.
I want to own so many items of clothing that it takes me WEEKS to figure out what I want to pack for a vacation...(as if it doesn't take me long enough already)
I want to have a career in fashion and, unlike a lot of people in the world, actually ENJOY what I do everyday and get excited to wake up in the morning and go to my job.
These are things that I see happening in the future. I don't care how long or hard the journey is to get me there, I'm going to do what I love and I'm going to soak in every minute of it! With a blessed amount of internships and career opportunities at my fingers I realize that these dreams may slowly but surely be coming true right before my eyes...and I am ready for that challenge. Today my first Let's Hear It For The Boys post was uploaded to College Fashionista and I am ecstatic! To know that not only am I getting my name out by having some pieces published, but fashionable students are getting their own face and name out there, is something that makes me excited for what's ahead for me and my peers. This fella that I took a picture of the other day was wearing one of the hottest trends this season...PLAID. Make sure you click HERE to check out my latest post "CLAD IN PLAID" on CF!
Another exciting thing that happened today was my first column in The East Carolinian was published! I  started off the column by introducing myself and expressing my crazy obsession with clothes, and then I wrote about Pirate Football Fashion and what one would usually see their peers wearing when attending a game. I was so excited this morning that I left my apartment at 7:20 to walk to campus, grab a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte...(if you haven't bought one of these yet this year then go get one...RIGHT NOW)
and pick up a copy of the paper! I felt like an on campus celebrity...(except I think only about 20% of students at ECU read the paper)...but that didn't matter! I was excited and I didn't care who read it, just to have my very own column published in a newspaper was enough to make me happy. I was expecting them to have a big header that said Pirate Football Fashion but instead it was titled Meet Lindy, how cool is that?? I guess my first name is unique enough to not have to clarify which Lindy they are talking about...Sorry for any other Lindy's at ECU, you're special too! Click HERE to read it...
So anyways, that has been my life lately! It may not be the most glamorous life on earth, and to some people the internships and experiences I've been encountering lately may seem trivial, but this life is MINE and I love every minute of it. I hope that this post inspired you to chase your dreams, whatever they may be! Put your name out there. Accomplish what YOU want to accomplish. Don't let other people get you down or tell you that you can't, because you can do anything that you set your mind to. And always remember to never judge a book by it's matter how little that book is!

keep on keepin' on fashionistas

P.S- make sure you check out A Blonde Ambition tomorrow for my post about army inspired fashion!

P.P.S- I hope that no one feels that I am bragging with my posts. PPT was set out to be a post about ECU and the fashionable students around campus, and that is all that I want to share! Everyone should be proud with whatever they accomplish, no matter how big or small that thing is! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

RANDOMOCITY, Recipes & Thumbs-Up

I know I have said it about 2,000,000,000 times on here...but I am SO busy! I apologize again for my sporadic posting! Today I am going to share with you some random pictures of what I have been up to, things that inspire my fashionable side, and just some random tid-bits.
1. Emma Watson needs to win an award for how gorgeous she is.
2. Earlier this week I made up the recipe for an Asian Pasta Salad (because that is one of my favorite dishes EVER) with chicken in it and it was DEVINE. Just google asian pasta salad and I'm sure you can find a simple recipe that you can tweak to fit your likes and dislikes!
Here I am eating my pasta...
3. My little dog Rocky is SO cute and I miss him a lot while I'm at school. I love having him as a little snuggle buddy! 
4. I love the trench coat style jacket in this picture!... And I'll never say no to a messy pony-tail.
5. I am in love with Baileys Irish Cream coffee creamer. It's delicious...Especially when poured into a steaming cup of coffee and paired with greek yogurt and granola after you workout. My favorite flavor so far has probably been Toffee Almond!

6. How gorgeous is this maxi dress?? I just bought my first maxi skirt and I'm obsessed. Pictures coming soon. 
7. I was extremely bored the other day and decided to draw a picture of my twin sister Laura in a little fashion sketch. It's awful, I know, but it was fun haha!
8. Last night after the ECU football game I decided to cook some Taco Soup for me and my friends! You can find the recipe on my Moms blog, HERE! It is AMAZING and probably one of my favorite recipes ever.  Absolutely ideal for fall weather! You will not be disappointed. 
9. For some reason I just love this picture. It's so perfect and fantastical.
10. On Tuesday my first East Carolinian piece is published, and later in the week a piece I wrote about army inspired fashion is going to be up on A Blonde Ambition so make sure you keep your eye out!
Sorry to unload my randomocity on you, I just wanted to fill you in on what makes me...MEWhat are some random things about your life, friends??

keep on keepin on fashionistas,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall into Autumn

I have been so blessed to be able to work with such amazing internships this year! My second post for A Blonde Ambition fashion blog is up today and I am so excited! I got to talk about Sophie Theallets fall line, and let me just say it is LOVELY! She uses vibrant burnt oranges, silky charcoal grays, and deep navy blues in a way that makes me wish I owned EVERY SINGLE PIECE of her collection! click HERE! to check out what I wrote!
Today I am going to let my beautiful, wonderful, talented friend Allison take the reigns and fill all of you in with her favorite items for Fall! Ready...set..GO!

Fall into Autumn
As the summer beach waves crash upon the shore, it seems as if July has literally sprinted to a halt.  As this moment marks the close of some fashion favorites, it opens a door to something even more exciting to look forward to: Fall 2011 trends.  Designers and fashionistas are FLOODING the fashion world with bold colors and patterns in anticipation for the upcoming season.  I know many of you are making room in your closets, scoring blogs for inspiration, and opening up your piggy banks to see how much is saved for this season's finest.  It's not always easy keeping up with the latest trends while being a full time student, but here are some inspirations...
First off, my favorite look for the upcoming ready to wear, is the graphic art. Fashion is not just about what one has to wear”.  Style is about the art, creativity, and expression of oneself.  This is important to remember as we turn our heads to another trend of this exciting Fall 2011 season.  Graphic art prints are what are important for the cooler months ahead.  I am excited to see that designers aren’t focused on the dark blacks and greys that can get thrown together during cold months, but devoted to bold colors and textures. Who can pass up a bold power statement coat?  Not this girl.  Burberry is known for the classic trench, which is always in style.  Designers are looking towards this spirit and featuring more bold long coats in collections this fall.  Don’t be afraid to dish out a few more dollars for a fantastic key piece in your wardrobe! Even if the day hours are shortening, that doesn’t mean your outfit has to darken as well!  The trend right now is to “let it shine”.  Sheen and shine is what it is all about this season ladies and gents.  Walk with me as we gander among this lustrous craze. First things first, folks.  Let the polka dots flood your closets.  Your colorful ankle grazers are getting lonely hanging in the closet and need some key polka dotted pieces to accent the bold colors.  To be a designer pouring creative spirit onto us fashionistas this season means only one key thing: polka dots at least in one RTW piece for this season’s trends.  From Marc Jacobs to J.Crew’s designs, these dots are the latest and greatest.  The wonderful thing about this HOT trend is the fact that polka dots are nothing new.  The world can never shy away from polka dots for too long.  Whether you are on the search for shirts, dress, skirts…if you are on a money crunch, any local thrift store will serve any of your needs (as well as the latest designers). Paying crazy prices for an outstanding Marc Jacobs piece isn’t required to sport the latest dot craze fashionistas!  Check out some key pieces and Topshop have to offer us! The one thing that gets me really excited about winter (besides Christmas) has got to be all the fur coats and fabulous texture.  Now I am definitely not one to go harm an animal for the sake of the look of the season, but faux fur is just grand by me.  Not only does the rich quality of a long coat shine forth as you rock this fantastic trend, but that thing will certainly keep you warm as you stroll the streets of New York City! In recent looks McQueen has incorporated a fantastic skirt with the top half being filled with the sheen and shine that is also so appropriate for the fall. Now it doesn’t take an arm and a leg to find some great pieces with outstanding texture.  
Was that not AWESOME...Now who is excited for Fall? I know I am! Allison is great, people. Seriously! I am so exited to be able to work with her here on PPT. I will have the wonderful pictures she took for back to school up either later today, or tomorrow! Hope you all are having a marvelous Friday! What fun things are you doing this weekend?

keep on keepin on fashionistas