Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let out your inner Lioness!

One HUGE characteristic if you are a member of the Maddox family is THICK hair! And I'm not just saying thick as in "Wowww that girl's hair isn't stringy and thin at all!" I'm talkin' 2 of my hairs combined could equal every single hair on the head of some of my thin haired friends. Im talkin' about having enough hair to make like 5 wigs for Locks of Love if I wanted to. Maddox family hair is 


Recently in the media, many magazines and celebrities have been promoting the act of going "all natural" and embracing your thick mane of hair (if you have one) and that is exactly what I have been doing this week! The rain/cold/mistiness here in Greenville has been going on for a while now and frankly, I do NOT feel like spending an hour and a half straightening my locks and then the minute I step off the elevator, instantly regret it. I don't know if its the humidity that never goes away in Greenville, or if my hair texture is starting to change, but thankfully my hair has started to look less like Medusa and more like real curls! YAY! This is what my hair has been looking like everyday this week, now lets just hope and pray it stays like this because I'm really starting to like it!
So I challenge you to PUT THAT STRAIGHTENER UP and embrace what God gave you this week! You just might find that it looks really cute! Heads will turn! People who you don't know will smile at you on the street! Everyone will start calling you "The Girl With The Naturally Beautiful Hair!"....
Okay so maybe it won't be exactly like that but it will save you some time! Embrace your inner lioness today ladies, it's gonna pay off! 

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Throw together some leather!

So the other day, after perusing the blogs that I read on a daily basis - which, in case you were wondering, include...

I came across a picture of Zoe Saldana and FELL IN LOVE with her outfit! 
Anybody who is anybody knows that adding leather to your outfit these days is really in style! (sorry if you didn't know that, we can still be friends) and Zoe Saldana went above and beyond without crashing and burning! Her simple but chic leather dress is funky and fun, but doesn't scream "Hey, I turned some leftover scraps from my biker boyfriends jacket into a mini tube top dress for tonight! Now lets go hop on a Harley!" which a lot of leather dresses, especially ones that are short, can say. Also, the way she pairs the dress with the PERFECT accessories such as her elegant choice in shoes...
and a snake skin clutch and some gold bracelets...
pulls the whole outfit together flawlessly! I would wear this ensemble in a HEART BEAT! Love.

Also I want to say how THRILLED I am to get the chance to work with A Blonde Ambition blog! After about a week or two of emailing with Leslie, she offered me the chance to intern with A Blonde Ambition blog, e-style, and StyleBy.Me! I am BEYOND excited! Today she was really sweet when she introduced me on her blog and I was so honored to be posted on it! This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I cannot wait to get started! Hope you enjoyed this short little post for today :) 

Enjoy your holiday weekend fashionistas,
<3 Lindy

Friday, January 7, 2011

Who knew mailmen were so fashionable?

So after receiving an Urban Outfitters gift-card for Christmas I decided that the main thing that I wanted/needed was a purse! Whenever me and my sisters go anywhere, I am constantly asking them to put my keys and my phone into their purse, so I decided I just needed to give in and buy one for myself! (no matter how much of a hassle it is to carry a purse AND a book-bag to class)

Although I'm more of a shoe girl than a bag girl, I love the new look that has popped up this season!

(crossover bags, satchels, messenger bags, whatever-u-call-em)
Nicole Richie
Emma Watson
Lauren Conrad
Laura Maddox

they are the HOTTEST thing right now and tons of celebrities are wearing them! I mean, all the cool kids are doing it!? If celebrities started jumping off bridges wouldn't you!?......well thats beside the point..but they are very IN this season, so I thought HEY, I should get myself one of those! And then I did just that! This is the brand new, perfectly designed, wonderful bag I just bought from UO! Everyone around campus will recognize me for it! I shall be called..."The Girl With The Brown Crossbody Purse With Tassels On It."
Im kidding (but seriously)...I just thought after my previous blog post about how excited brand new things make me I'd share my excitement about my new purse with you, my beautiful blog readers! YAY for new bags! I can't wait to walk around campus with this and gain my new nickname! Willy-nilly, until the next post...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas,
<3 Lindy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

why I LOVE what I LOVE.

Many things easily excite me.

  • Going out to eat makes me excited!
  • Spending time with my family makes me excited!
  • A new song I hear on the radio makes me excited!

...but one thing that REALLY gets me, one thing that excites me to the MAX, is something brand new.
The feeling of slipping on a shirt that you've fallen in love with. The way a new item makes you feel when you look in the mirror wearing something you KNOW you look good in. How a new pair of jeans make you think to yourself "wow my legs look AHmazing today!" Now that, my fellow fashionistas, is what I like to call excitement. I love how one solitary top, pair of shoes, or accessory can change my attitude, the way I walk, and how I feel about myself the day that I wear it!

THAT is why I love fashion.
THAT is why I know what I want to do with my life.

not because it "sounds cool" or because "the people on The Hills have fashion jobs." But because it excites me. It's something I absolutely, without a doubt, completely, LOVE.

and this is where I leave you with an awesome video The Sartorialist posted today! It was so neat! A film company decided to do a project where they filmed The Sartorialist himself and let blog readers get an inside look at why he created his blog and how he gets his inspiration for his photographs!

Anywho, I am heading back to school tomorrow and, with my new camera in hand, I hope to get this blog growing stronger and stronger! Hope ya'll enjoyed my mini rant! :)

Happy belated Holidays fashionistas,
<3 Lindy