Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Throw together some leather!

So the other day, after perusing the blogs that I read on a daily basis - which, in case you were wondering, include...

I came across a picture of Zoe Saldana and FELL IN LOVE with her outfit! 
Anybody who is anybody knows that adding leather to your outfit these days is really in style! (sorry if you didn't know that, we can still be friends) and Zoe Saldana went above and beyond without crashing and burning! Her simple but chic leather dress is funky and fun, but doesn't scream "Hey, I turned some leftover scraps from my biker boyfriends jacket into a mini tube top dress for tonight! Now lets go hop on a Harley!" which a lot of leather dresses, especially ones that are short, can say. Also, the way she pairs the dress with the PERFECT accessories such as her elegant choice in shoes...
and a snake skin clutch and some gold bracelets...
pulls the whole outfit together flawlessly! I would wear this ensemble in a HEART BEAT! Love.

Also I want to say how THRILLED I am to get the chance to work with A Blonde Ambition blog! After about a week or two of emailing with Leslie, she offered me the chance to intern with A Blonde Ambition blog, e-style, and StyleBy.Me! I am BEYOND excited! Today she was really sweet when she introduced me on her blog and I was so honored to be posted on it! This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I cannot wait to get started! Hope you enjoyed this short little post for today :) 

Enjoy your holiday weekend fashionistas,
<3 Lindy

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