Friday, January 7, 2011

Who knew mailmen were so fashionable?

So after receiving an Urban Outfitters gift-card for Christmas I decided that the main thing that I wanted/needed was a purse! Whenever me and my sisters go anywhere, I am constantly asking them to put my keys and my phone into their purse, so I decided I just needed to give in and buy one for myself! (no matter how much of a hassle it is to carry a purse AND a book-bag to class)

Although I'm more of a shoe girl than a bag girl, I love the new look that has popped up this season!

(crossover bags, satchels, messenger bags, whatever-u-call-em)
Nicole Richie
Emma Watson
Lauren Conrad
Laura Maddox

they are the HOTTEST thing right now and tons of celebrities are wearing them! I mean, all the cool kids are doing it!? If celebrities started jumping off bridges wouldn't you!?......well thats beside the point..but they are very IN this season, so I thought HEY, I should get myself one of those! And then I did just that! This is the brand new, perfectly designed, wonderful bag I just bought from UO! Everyone around campus will recognize me for it! I shall be called..."The Girl With The Brown Crossbody Purse With Tassels On It."
Im kidding (but seriously)...I just thought after my previous blog post about how excited brand new things make me I'd share my excitement about my new purse with you, my beautiful blog readers! YAY for new bags! I can't wait to walk around campus with this and gain my new nickname! Willy-nilly, until the next post...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas,
<3 Lindy

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Ashley said...

Cute bag!! And I'm so glad I don't have to carry your wallet and keys any more! : )