Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let out your inner Lioness!

One HUGE characteristic if you are a member of the Maddox family is THICK hair! And I'm not just saying thick as in "Wowww that girl's hair isn't stringy and thin at all!" I'm talkin' 2 of my hairs combined could equal every single hair on the head of some of my thin haired friends. Im talkin' about having enough hair to make like 5 wigs for Locks of Love if I wanted to. Maddox family hair is 


Recently in the media, many magazines and celebrities have been promoting the act of going "all natural" and embracing your thick mane of hair (if you have one) and that is exactly what I have been doing this week! The rain/cold/mistiness here in Greenville has been going on for a while now and frankly, I do NOT feel like spending an hour and a half straightening my locks and then the minute I step off the elevator, instantly regret it. I don't know if its the humidity that never goes away in Greenville, or if my hair texture is starting to change, but thankfully my hair has started to look less like Medusa and more like real curls! YAY! This is what my hair has been looking like everyday this week, now lets just hope and pray it stays like this because I'm really starting to like it!
So I challenge you to PUT THAT STRAIGHTENER UP and embrace what God gave you this week! You just might find that it looks really cute! Heads will turn! People who you don't know will smile at you on the street! Everyone will start calling you "The Girl With The Naturally Beautiful Hair!"....
Okay so maybe it won't be exactly like that but it will save you some time! Embrace your inner lioness today ladies, it's gonna pay off! 

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

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Ashley said...

Cute! :) You have great hair...I have incredibly thick hair too but I can not rock the natural look.