Saturday, May 28, 2011

Whose Who?

See a celebrity whose style you like? Try it out for a day.
(yes this is me and my sister Laura)
like this girl (click here) .... except maybe not as weird.

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tip Me Over and Pour Me Out

Today, due to my idiocy, me and Laura could not go ANYWHERE ahhhh (at least that we couldn't walk to)... Earlier today my boyfriend Sean left to go to Lake Gaston for the holiday weekend and when he stopped by this morning to say bye I left my car keys, wallet, and apartment keys in his truck! How stupid am I!?
So today Laura and I had to walk everywhere and then be back in the apartment by 6 tonight so we wouldn't be locked out. FUN STUFF! Luckily Tipsy Teapot is walking distance from my apartment so we decided to take a rather hot walk over there to get some work done and, drum roll please, have another PPT photo shoot! YAY!
After completing some homework I decided to take some pictures of my fashionable twin featuring her chic study outfit and the cute way I did her hair today! Check it out ladies and gents....
I don't know why I don't own any boyfriend jeans ( I need to add them to my Must Buy list) but Laura owns two pairs and can pull them off perfectly! Put them together with a skinny belt and a solid colored tank top and you have yourself a chic and adorable outfit thats also casual! If you can't tell from the picture of Laura from the back, today I wanted to try the waterfall braid on her hair and it turned out really well! Heres a close-up shot of the back of her hair...
Check out this How-To-Video that teaches you how to do a Waterfall braid! And if you try it out and want your picture on PPT then shoot me and email and I'll add it to this post! Hope ya'll enjoyed my 2nd twin photo shoot! I'll be sure to post more this weekend! Enjoy your day off! 

keep on keepin' on fashionistas 
<3 Lindy

Friday, May 20, 2011

Totally Phillie

So although I have definitely never been to Philadelphia before (at least a trip there where I was actually old enough to remember being there), PPT's lovely photographer Allison lives there and has the wonderful opportunity to explore the fashion in such an epic city! I miss her so much and wish she was still in Greenville helping me take pictures of students around my campus! Fortunately, she still has the knack of capturing chic fashion in her hometown, and never fails to look absolutely on point with her style! Check these out....
 I mean, you can't deny this girl has some fierce fashion! She even rocked the messy bun I talked about yesterday, LOVE. Anywho, I don't know why but for some reason when I attempt to get into the "school mindset" I always wish it felt like fall outside. Fall is my favorite season of the year.
Taking classes makes me want to wear sweaters and boots and drink hot coffee and snuggle up in a cozy cafe "studying"! After already feeling in a "fally" mood this morning, Allison sent me a picture of a chic chick in Phillie who was wearing an outfit perfect for fall! So what we're gonna do tonight my friends is pretend its that chilly season! Sounds fun right!? I know it does. Here are some "Autumny" fashion pictures that I love, starting with the Philadelphia native that Allison caught these amazing pictures of....

The styles in these pictures aren't just for fall either! Nix the tights and jackets and switch them out for a flowy top with a skinny belt and some gladiator sandals and you'll have the perfect summer version of these Autumn ensembles! Hope ya'll enjoyed our Fall in Summer post! Keep up with the good work summer class students, and enjoy soaking up some rays all of you who aren't in school! Until the next post....

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hot Cross Messy Buns

First off, before I start my post about a beauty trend popping up ALL OVER the fashion world and ECU (view title/picture above for a hint), I want to welcome my beautiful twin Laura to East Carolina University for the summer!
 I love you and I'm so glad I get to spend time taking classes with you!

In other news, today when contemplating what to write about here on PPT, I decided to ask Laura if there were any fashion or beauty trends that stood out to her around my campus? After thinking about it for a second she told me that one craze that she noticed was the oh-so-popular messy bun! Although this hairstyle has been around for a while now, it has recently resurfaced more chic than ever. Lately the messy bun can be spotted around the world styled in a variety of ways!

First there is the Braided Bun....
This boho braid can make any outfit look hippie chic and yet keep you looking classy!

Then comes the Traditional High Messy Bun/Top Knot...
This style is very casual and thrown together, but it can dress a fancy outfit down or look fabulous for a day on the go!

Another very popular style is the Messy Bun with a Headband...
Adding an adorable accessory to a messy bun can make it look hot in an instant! Not only does it splash some more detail onto your ensemble, but it also keeps everyones attention on your stylish up-do!

And lastly is the Low Messy Bun...
Laura told me that she read somewhere that based on guys votes, they prefer low pony tails and buns, who knew!? So next time you have a date ladies, try this lovely low messy bun and wow your potential boyfriend!

Hopefully this inspired all of you to embrace your sloppy side and rock the messy bun sometime this week! It's easy, cute, and it will take you no time at all! Heres a picture that shows you how to do the popular top knot!...

Have an awesome Thursday, fashionistas!
<3 Lindy

Friday, May 13, 2011

Faux Hawk Talk

Whenever I put up new blog posts I regularly fail to include anything about guys (sorry fellas). I don't know why I do that so much, guys can be fashionable too! So today I am going to discuss one of my favorite "fashion trends" that I LOVE on guys! Are you ready for this....

Yep. This is by far my all time FAVORITE hair style that guys wear. I think it can pretty much look good on anybody! And there are a ton of celebrities that rock this handsome hair-do, and in different ways too!...

The most popular faux hawk hottie. He can wear this hairstyle in a punk, im-a-hot-soccer-player way (first picture) OR he can wear it fancier for a date with Posh Spice (second picture)...uhm...HOT.

Do I even need to say anything else?? Just his name says it all. He rocks the faux hawk in an "emo" fashion and does it flawlessly. He's pretty much my celebrity crush. HOT.

He sports the shaggy messy faux hawk. A personal favorite! HOT.

This celebrity wears the faux hawk really short which looks classic and polished. He's not exactly my type (cus he has more of a baby-face) but I do have to say he looked pretty good in Love and Other Drugs. HOT. 

This british bloke sports the faux hawk semi-shaggy and short, but still looks mighty handsome eh? HOT.

And last but not least (drum roll please)
Many ladies personal favorites. He can wear the faux hawk with super pale skin and dress up as a vampire and still look amazing! HOT. 

So, gentlemen, when you are tired of your haircut and you are contemplating your next move (do guys even do this??) then try a faux hawk! The ladies will not be disappointed! It can look casual, or sophisticated! After you get this cut, you'll have girls lining up for a date with you in no time! As long as it doesn't look like this, that is....
now THAT is just way too creepy and weird....

Make sure you keep it subtle and chose a length that looks good with your face shape! Good luck, guys!

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy