Friday, May 27, 2011

Tip Me Over and Pour Me Out

Today, due to my idiocy, me and Laura could not go ANYWHERE ahhhh (at least that we couldn't walk to)... Earlier today my boyfriend Sean left to go to Lake Gaston for the holiday weekend and when he stopped by this morning to say bye I left my car keys, wallet, and apartment keys in his truck! How stupid am I!?
So today Laura and I had to walk everywhere and then be back in the apartment by 6 tonight so we wouldn't be locked out. FUN STUFF! Luckily Tipsy Teapot is walking distance from my apartment so we decided to take a rather hot walk over there to get some work done and, drum roll please, have another PPT photo shoot! YAY!
After completing some homework I decided to take some pictures of my fashionable twin featuring her chic study outfit and the cute way I did her hair today! Check it out ladies and gents....
I don't know why I don't own any boyfriend jeans ( I need to add them to my Must Buy list) but Laura owns two pairs and can pull them off perfectly! Put them together with a skinny belt and a solid colored tank top and you have yourself a chic and adorable outfit thats also casual! If you can't tell from the picture of Laura from the back, today I wanted to try the waterfall braid on her hair and it turned out really well! Heres a close-up shot of the back of her hair...
Check out this How-To-Video that teaches you how to do a Waterfall braid! And if you try it out and want your picture on PPT then shoot me and email and I'll add it to this post! Hope ya'll enjoyed my 2nd twin photo shoot! I'll be sure to post more this weekend! Enjoy your day off! 

keep on keepin' on fashionistas 
<3 Lindy

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