Friday, May 13, 2011

Faux Hawk Talk

Whenever I put up new blog posts I regularly fail to include anything about guys (sorry fellas). I don't know why I do that so much, guys can be fashionable too! So today I am going to discuss one of my favorite "fashion trends" that I LOVE on guys! Are you ready for this....

Yep. This is by far my all time FAVORITE hair style that guys wear. I think it can pretty much look good on anybody! And there are a ton of celebrities that rock this handsome hair-do, and in different ways too!...

The most popular faux hawk hottie. He can wear this hairstyle in a punk, im-a-hot-soccer-player way (first picture) OR he can wear it fancier for a date with Posh Spice (second picture)...uhm...HOT.

Do I even need to say anything else?? Just his name says it all. He rocks the faux hawk in an "emo" fashion and does it flawlessly. He's pretty much my celebrity crush. HOT.

He sports the shaggy messy faux hawk. A personal favorite! HOT.

This celebrity wears the faux hawk really short which looks classic and polished. He's not exactly my type (cus he has more of a baby-face) but I do have to say he looked pretty good in Love and Other Drugs. HOT. 

This british bloke sports the faux hawk semi-shaggy and short, but still looks mighty handsome eh? HOT.

And last but not least (drum roll please)
Many ladies personal favorites. He can wear the faux hawk with super pale skin and dress up as a vampire and still look amazing! HOT. 

So, gentlemen, when you are tired of your haircut and you are contemplating your next move (do guys even do this??) then try a faux hawk! The ladies will not be disappointed! It can look casual, or sophisticated! After you get this cut, you'll have girls lining up for a date with you in no time! As long as it doesn't look like this, that is....
now THAT is just way too creepy and weird....

Make sure you keep it subtle and chose a length that looks good with your face shape! Good luck, guys!

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy


Ashley said...

Wow. All of those guys are hot.

HxCDragonRush said...

Good looks on all. Thats my favorite look for my hair that Beckham has.