Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall into Autumn

I have been so blessed to be able to work with such amazing internships this year! My second post for A Blonde Ambition fashion blog is up today and I am so excited! I got to talk about Sophie Theallets fall line, and let me just say it is LOVELY! She uses vibrant burnt oranges, silky charcoal grays, and deep navy blues in a way that makes me wish I owned EVERY SINGLE PIECE of her collection! click HERE! to check out what I wrote!
Today I am going to let my beautiful, wonderful, talented friend Allison take the reigns and fill all of you in with her favorite items for Fall! Ready...set..GO!

Fall into Autumn
As the summer beach waves crash upon the shore, it seems as if July has literally sprinted to a halt.  As this moment marks the close of some fashion favorites, it opens a door to something even more exciting to look forward to: Fall 2011 trends.  Designers and fashionistas are FLOODING the fashion world with bold colors and patterns in anticipation for the upcoming season.  I know many of you are making room in your closets, scoring blogs for inspiration, and opening up your piggy banks to see how much is saved for this season's finest.  It's not always easy keeping up with the latest trends while being a full time student, but here are some inspirations...
First off, my favorite look for the upcoming ready to wear, is the graphic art. Fashion is not just about what one has to wear”.  Style is about the art, creativity, and expression of oneself.  This is important to remember as we turn our heads to another trend of this exciting Fall 2011 season.  Graphic art prints are what are important for the cooler months ahead.  I am excited to see that designers aren’t focused on the dark blacks and greys that can get thrown together during cold months, but devoted to bold colors and textures. Who can pass up a bold power statement coat?  Not this girl.  Burberry is known for the classic trench, which is always in style.  Designers are looking towards this spirit and featuring more bold long coats in collections this fall.  Don’t be afraid to dish out a few more dollars for a fantastic key piece in your wardrobe! Even if the day hours are shortening, that doesn’t mean your outfit has to darken as well!  The trend right now is to “let it shine”.  Sheen and shine is what it is all about this season ladies and gents.  Walk with me as we gander among this lustrous craze. First things first, folks.  Let the polka dots flood your closets.  Your colorful ankle grazers are getting lonely hanging in the closet and need some key polka dotted pieces to accent the bold colors.  To be a designer pouring creative spirit onto us fashionistas this season means only one key thing: polka dots at least in one RTW piece for this season’s trends.  From Marc Jacobs to J.Crew’s designs, these dots are the latest and greatest.  The wonderful thing about this HOT trend is the fact that polka dots are nothing new.  The world can never shy away from polka dots for too long.  Whether you are on the search for shirts, dress, skirts…if you are on a money crunch, any local thrift store will serve any of your needs (as well as the latest designers). Paying crazy prices for an outstanding Marc Jacobs piece isn’t required to sport the latest dot craze fashionistas!  Check out some key pieces and Topshop have to offer us! The one thing that gets me really excited about winter (besides Christmas) has got to be all the fur coats and fabulous texture.  Now I am definitely not one to go harm an animal for the sake of the look of the season, but faux fur is just grand by me.  Not only does the rich quality of a long coat shine forth as you rock this fantastic trend, but that thing will certainly keep you warm as you stroll the streets of New York City! In recent looks McQueen has incorporated a fantastic skirt with the top half being filled with the sheen and shine that is also so appropriate for the fall. Now it doesn’t take an arm and a leg to find some great pieces with outstanding texture.  
Was that not AWESOME...Now who is excited for Fall? I know I am! Allison is great, people. Seriously! I am so exited to be able to work with her here on PPT. I will have the wonderful pictures she took for back to school up either later today, or tomorrow! Hope you all are having a marvelous Friday! What fun things are you doing this weekend?

keep on keepin on fashionistas

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