Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sighting in Starbucks

So today as I was sitting in Starbucks contemplating what I was going to do for an hour and a half before my Math class I looked over and spotted Christina. Right when I looked at her outfit I wondered why I had picked the one I was wearing(just like I do with every cute outfit I see) and enviously continued my work. Then I realized OH I actually brought my camera today! Woohoo!
After nervously turning my camera on and off and working up the courage to approach her I walked over and told her my situation.  "I have a fashion blog about people at ECU and I was wondering if I could take your picture?"
I don't know what made me so nervous! I guess its my weird anxiety that I hate so much but my hands were actually SHAKING. I felt pretty stupid. But she looked adorable and I needed to update my blog so I had to go for it!
I then opened my camera, turned it on, and told her to pose...
And thennnnn my camera died. FAIL. After awkwardly returning to my table I decided to get up again and ask her if I could take it with my phone because her outfit was just so cute, I just couldn't turn the opportunity down. She was extremely nice and I have no idea why I was nervous to take her picture! I even noticed how her computer had a Chi O sticker on it and I told her I was planning on going through rush in the Spring, yay! She was so sweet!
Anyways, hopefully most people that I ask to photograph will be this willing, THANKS CHRISTINA!

But until the next photo...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy


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Mark Maddox said...

Thats pretty ballsy of you to just go up and ask someone to take there picture... I´m not going to lie I couldnt have done it so props for that. haha Now you just gatta work on that whole not looking lame for not having a camera on you that works thing! hahah yeah yeah yeah love you 2