Monday, November 1, 2010

Walking in Wedges...

As you all know, this blog was supposed to be me going out and taking pictures of people I see around ECU that are wearing fashionable clothes...and yet, no such thing has happened.
I am not sure if it is my pickiness, or people deciding to stop dressing cute just to avoid being on my blog or what...but I haven't seen ANYONE that I deem fashion-blog-worthy yet! So today, thanks to Marks wonderful idea, I decided to post about myself!
Every Monday and Wednesday I have a break from 10:50 till 2, so that is when I normally pull out the big guns, and take the time to make myself look presentable and cute!( my opinion)

So here is my outfit of choice...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...
(pa rum pa pum pum, pa rum pa pum pum)

And so the photo shoot begins...

Blazer- Kids section Target
Striped Top- Forever 21
Black Jeggings- Abercrombie
Black Wedge Boots- Aldo
Gold Bracelet: Forever 21

(BTW I had to take these of myself on Photobooth because I don't have a camera and no one was in my YES I know I look like a loser...)

Im sure most of y'all don't really care where I got my clothes BUT I thought I'd tell you just incase because thats what all the "cool cats" of the fashion world do. I am IN LOVE with stripes right now and love this shirt because it is unbelievably comfortable and it was really cheap. HA! Gotta love Forever 21! Hope you liked my ensemble! Ill be keeping an eye out for fierce fashion in Pirate Nation! But until then....

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

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