Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh to dream...

So today, since I was extremely lazy because I have a TON of work to get done, I did not take the time to dress cute! And all day, as I was sitting there doing my obnoxious work, I kept thinking about how I wish I had every single clothing item that I wanted and I could just look cute even when I was going to Barnes and Noble to get my study on. So THAT, my wonderful blogging friends, is how I came up with this post idea! I decided to go on an amazing website called Polyvore and create my ideal outfit.

If dreams were reality, tomorrow I would be rockin' this outfit like it was my job. I'd be at NYU and I would jam to some indie music as I grabbed my Starbucks and walked to class thinking "yea...I know your jealous."

Oh to dream...
Although dreaming of what I wish was true is VERY is also quite depressing. Now back to my dull work (and hopefully just in my opinion), wardrobe! Until the next post...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy
Oh to dream... by lindyem featuring bohemian jewelry

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sighting in Starbucks

So today as I was sitting in Starbucks contemplating what I was going to do for an hour and a half before my Math class I looked over and spotted Christina. Right when I looked at her outfit I wondered why I had picked the one I was wearing(just like I do with every cute outfit I see) and enviously continued my work. Then I realized OH I actually brought my camera today! Woohoo!
After nervously turning my camera on and off and working up the courage to approach her I walked over and told her my situation.  "I have a fashion blog about people at ECU and I was wondering if I could take your picture?"
I don't know what made me so nervous! I guess its my weird anxiety that I hate so much but my hands were actually SHAKING. I felt pretty stupid. But she looked adorable and I needed to update my blog so I had to go for it!
I then opened my camera, turned it on, and told her to pose...
And thennnnn my camera died. FAIL. After awkwardly returning to my table I decided to get up again and ask her if I could take it with my phone because her outfit was just so cute, I just couldn't turn the opportunity down. She was extremely nice and I have no idea why I was nervous to take her picture! I even noticed how her computer had a Chi O sticker on it and I told her I was planning on going through rush in the Spring, yay! She was so sweet!
Anyways, hopefully most people that I ask to photograph will be this willing, THANKS CHRISTINA!

But until the next photo...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

Monday, November 1, 2010

Walking in Wedges...

As you all know, this blog was supposed to be me going out and taking pictures of people I see around ECU that are wearing fashionable clothes...and yet, no such thing has happened.
I am not sure if it is my pickiness, or people deciding to stop dressing cute just to avoid being on my blog or what...but I haven't seen ANYONE that I deem fashion-blog-worthy yet! So today, thanks to Marks wonderful idea, I decided to post about myself!
Every Monday and Wednesday I have a break from 10:50 till 2, so that is when I normally pull out the big guns, and take the time to make myself look presentable and cute!( my opinion)

So here is my outfit of choice...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...
(pa rum pa pum pum, pa rum pa pum pum)

And so the photo shoot begins...

Blazer- Kids section Target
Striped Top- Forever 21
Black Jeggings- Abercrombie
Black Wedge Boots- Aldo
Gold Bracelet: Forever 21

(BTW I had to take these of myself on Photobooth because I don't have a camera and no one was in my YES I know I look like a loser...)

Im sure most of y'all don't really care where I got my clothes BUT I thought I'd tell you just incase because thats what all the "cool cats" of the fashion world do. I am IN LOVE with stripes right now and love this shirt because it is unbelievably comfortable and it was really cheap. HA! Gotta love Forever 21! Hope you liked my ensemble! Ill be keeping an eye out for fierce fashion in Pirate Nation! But until then....

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy