Friday, November 4, 2011

Obsessed With Accessories

Many people have a hard time accessorizing in the fall and winter. If your jewelry is covered up by all your cozy layers, what are you supposed to wear to add some KICK to your ensemble?? Well that is exactly what my column was about in The East Carolinan yesterday...
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There are many different itms that will help you stay warm AND stylish! Keep reading to find out what these hot items are!

Infinity scarves are perfect for fall or winter. They stay secure around your neck due to their shape, and they keep you bundled up during cold afternoons on campus! Not only do they come in a variety of colors but they can also be fringy, patterned or a variety of designs and fabrics. Check out these fierce finds...
Wanna know why fingerless gloves are perfect? They leave your fingers free to write ALL those notes I know you work on so hard every weekend during your free time, AND you can wear rings with them. That's combining two trends in one...and what fashionista doesn't love that!?
One major advantage of winter weather is ZERO humidity. For ladies like me who have hair that seems to QUADRUPLE in size when there's an ounce of moisture in the air, winter weather is like a blessing! One trend that looks adorable on long frizz-free locks is a turban or a beanie. Turbans and beanies keep your ears covered which keeps you a whole lot warmer, and they look chicer than ever! 
All of these items are ideal for crisp and cool weather. They can spice up your outfit and they keep you snug and warm when that winter wind is blowing! What are your favorite accessories for cold weather?

keep on keepin on fashionistas

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