Saturday, November 5, 2011

Purple Stride & Purple Pride

This morning I was in Raleigh NC participating in an amazing awareness walk for Pancreatic Cancer called Purple Stride.
My Granddaddy passed away around 7 months ago from this terrible disease and it took a huge hit on my family. It was very unexpected and it came at so us quickly that after the diagnosis there was only 3 months that we had left to spend with him. We know that God has a plan for everything in life but losing such a loved family member is a heart-wrenching process. When I heard that there was a walk for PanCan occurring so close to Greenville I knew I had to go. I called up my brother who goes to NC State and we immediately planned to sign up to walk together!
They ended up raising over 60,000 dollars with this fundraiser and it was so inspiring to see everyone who had experienced this disease bond together to help raise money to find a cure. Pancreatic Cancer is the most deadly cancer out there. With only a 5% survival rate it's astonishing the small amount of people who are informed about it. Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze and Michael Landon are just a few of the well known celebrities that have passed away from this deadly disease.

So today, for my Granddaddy and for everyone else who has fought this battle, I decided to share some fashionable ways that you can raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer! Just because you don't participate in a walk or a fundraiser doesn't mean you won't make a difference in finding a cure! Simply adding a splash of purple to your outfit is any easy way for people to become informed! Here are some stylish ideas that will show your purple pride in honor of Pancreatic Cancer...


So next time you're wearing purple, which I know is very frequently for all my Pirate readers, make sure you think about Pancreatic Cancer Awareness! If you would like to make a donation, no matter how much money it is, please click this LINK. Even a college student like you and I can make a big difference...

Know it. Fight it. End it.


Shay said...

I went through a phase in middle school when I started wearing makeup where I would wear purple eyeshadow all. the. time. I guess I was just ahead of my time!

Ashley said...

I love all the purple! : ) So glad y'all did this! Love you!

Amanda Nguyen said...

great cause!! and the color purple is absolutely stunning in all shades!

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