Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smokey Eye How-To

Yesterday I moved into my new apartment and I LOVE it! My room turned out so cute, my roommates and I get along great, and I am just beyond happy to be back in Pirate nation! After unpacking and organizing all day yesterday, this morning I decided to have a little fun and try out Kim Kardashians signature SMOKEY EYE! Heidi Klum posted the How-To link on her twitter this morning so I knew I had to give it a shot! Here's the video that I watched while attempting my version of KK's signature look....
I spent all morning video taping myself putting on my eye makeup just like the tutorial and once I was done I grabbed my camera and realized A. I was in just my bandeau bra and sweatpants and that wasn't the smartest outfit...and B. I set the camera too close so that you could only see from my nose down when I leaned towards my mirror. Smooth move Lindy. Here is a picture of the completed look (yes, I'm still in my bandeau bra and sweats)... I thought it turned out pretty cute!
I also decided to add some outfit shots for the day!
black&white&hair in my face
juicy crown necklace
minnetonka fringe boots
lame mirror pic of entire look

Anywho, I have a TON of stuff coming up this week with the East Carolinian, A Blonde Ambition, classes starting, and Rush so I am going to be busy busy BUSY!  I hope that ya'll enjoyed the tutorial and that you aren't afraid to rock the Kim K smokey eye sometime this week! Until the next lame mirror pic...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy


Ashley said...

I love that mirror! Where did you get that? And I love the eye makeup too. I need to watch that tutorial. Except if I did my eye makeup like that I'd probably look dumb b/c I'm not cool enough to wear makeup like that. Ha! Miss you!

Jackie Sue said...

ahh that video was awesome... I'm definitely about to run upstairs & try it out!!!

So excted to see that you are back in G-VEGAS - me too!!! I'm ready for another wild year :]

Amanda Nguyen said... turned out great!! good job!! you look 'SMOKIN' pun in tended haha
hope you have a wonderful day!!
and your minnetonkas are my FAAAVE!!


Erin said...

So pretty! I really loved the video tutorial and I love your top! Gorgeous! Are you rushing or are you already in a sorority?


Erin @

Rich Girls. said...

your hair looks AMAZING.
gosh, i wish my hair turned out like this every day!
the smoky eye turned out pretty good. i love that it's not full on smoky, but has that nice solid line of mascara.

ps. i guess wishing for a bangin' boyfriend and a cartier love bracelet is a bit much, but can you blame me for dreaming?! ahah. x.

Liberty Walk Sara said...

you have beautiful hair. :))