Thursday, August 4, 2011

Street Style

So I know that the other day after I filled you in about my amazing experience with Fox News Rising I also told you that I had more exciting news coming soon....well lets just say that there is a possibility that I may get the chance to work with an AMAZING website called COLLEGE FASHIONISTA!
It's such an awesome site that gives students, like myself, the opportunity to take pictures of fashionable classmates around their school and connect through an online community! After contacting the website they told me that I had to write up a mock Street Style post to see if I get the position and thats where this blog post comes in! (cross your fingers) While I was searching for stylish shoppers, I decided to get my TWIN SISTER to take some pictures of me in my own version of street style! I love how popular tying a button down shirt has become this season. Not only is it extremely chic, but if your short then it helps a shirt that was once overwhelming look like it fits flawlessly.
So next time you wanna try something new but you don't wanna spend money, look in your closet and pull out an old button down! Tie the bottom, and (if your willing) then cut the sleeves off and your good to go! You have a new ensemble in a flash! More posts coming soon...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy


Melissa Lockley said...

Love the street style! Your hair is getting so long! :) LOVE YOUUU

Sheila said...

super cute and i love your glasses!