Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween & Holiday Hooplah

I hope everyone had a very fun and safe weekend! Can you believe how fast this year has flown by?? I feel like just yesterday it was the first week of classes and now the first semester of my Junior year is almost over! I CANNOT believe it. I am just shocked! Now that Halloween is about to pass, the holiday season is so close I can almost taste the Thanksgiving turkey! Soon there will be cute sweaters to wear, delicious food to eat, fun parties to attend and lots of time spent with family and friends! This is THE BEST time of the year and I am so excited about what's ahead! I LOVE the holiday season!
For a fun Halloween treat I decided to post a recipe shared by my friend Kelly who goes to Appalachian (my twin sister Laura's roommate)! Check out how to make this deliciously spooky treat...
What you need:
Bakers premium white chocolate
Miniature M&M's
Nutter Butters
Step 1: Unwrap all of the nutter butters that you purchased (sneak a bite if one "happens" to break in half...) and then lay them out on a baking sheet that is covered with aluminum foil. 
Step 2: Melt white chocolate. Make sure that you use a small pot so that you can get the cookie completely covered when you dip it in. Make a nutter butter log cabin while your patiently waiting for it to melt....
Step 3: Pour mini M&M's into a bowl and place them side by side at onto the top of the cookie that is covered with chocolate so that it looks like eyes.
Step 4: Place each finished ghost onto the cookie sheet. Once you are done dipping and decorating each cookie, put the cookies in the refrigerator so the chocolate can cool and harden. Then ENJOY!!
How cute are those? Not only are they fun, adorable and easy to make, but they are a yummy treat to snack on during a movie night with your friends or before you attend that big Halloween party! While baking on this holiday is always a treat, fashion can be fun too. Many people think that it's tacky to dress up in orange on Halloween if you are over the age of 10, but just because your celebrating this haunted holiday doesn't mean you have to look childish! Check out these chic finds that are perfectly appropriate for someone who's too old to trick-or-treat, yet still in the mood to rock some orange and black on this festive fall day (links provided)...
Which orange and black piece is your favorite for Halloween? I personally think they are all perfect for this holiday! I hope each and and everyone of you had a haute and haunted Halloween! What kind of costume did you have? I am DYING to hear all about it! Until the next post...

keep on keepin on fashionistas


Shay said...

Your little ghosts are so adorable! And I am majorly loving those UO skinny jeans. I need to get me some of those ASAP.

Ashley said...

I love those ghost cookies! They look so cute! : ) Hope you had fun today!