Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello all!
It  has been a BUSY, BUSY, BUSY day! I have literally been doing work since 7:15 a.m until right now, and my clock reads 7:27 p.m. Do you know what that means?? I have been getting stuff done for 12 hours straight. Good grief. I know it seems illogical, but I've got to do what I've got to do!  I mean, I am paying for school so I guess I should do well. At least I know I am going to sleep splendidly tonight! If only I was living in Paris while doing all this work, it wouldn't seem half bad..
do it in paris
Hopefully studying will pay off during my Merchandising Math test tomorrow. So as I get back to my piles of books and notes, I shall leave you with some instagram photos that show you my "Waldina" look of the day in a couple random shots! What have you been up to on this eventful Monday?

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keep on keepin on fashionistas

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