Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tired and ready for a break...SPRING break that is!

Good grief
...this semester is making me more and more tired with every day. I know everyone said that junior year was hard but SHEESH. I am just drained. Thank the LORD that next weekend is spring break. Hallelujah! Although it's not "spring" weather, I am still thankful. With the climax of my classes ahead of me and the anxiety of finding an internship eating at my everyday, I couldn't be more in need of some time off. My friends and I are going to the mountains for a couple days to relax and unwind. What are your spring break plans?? I wish I was going to the beach, but the amount of money my family would be spending to pay for me to go to the Bahamas or somewhere tropical that would actually be warm would be worth so much more if put towards living expenses for a big city internship or something of that sort. But if you're going, I'm extremely jealous.
In other news, my first post for INKED & SEWN went up this week! Jessica, the author of this splendid blog, is a fellow CollegeFashionista style guru and she asked a couple students from our internship if they wanted to guest blog with her and of course I gladly accepted! My first post was very short and sweet, but also very fun! I love giving people the idea to dress like a fashion icon on a college student budget. Check out my first INKED & SEWN post...
And speaking of CollegeFashionista, I had a great post go up this week. My lovely friend Allison who is always my go to girl when it comes to photography or anything related to that, graciously posed for my latest CF post and I thought it was perfect! Her outfit was adorable and I couldn't be more thankful for such an awesome friend who has such a sweet personality and is always willing to help me out. Check out her Tumblr HERE and read what I wrote about her fierce floppy hat right HERE...
And here is a little random idea of what I've been up to lately...
How is YOUR last week before break going??

keep on keepin fashionistas

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The Desert Fox said...

So awesome you had so many posts go up this week! Will def check it out. So jealous you have spring break, I've got to wait till the end of March!