Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cheer up sleepy jean shorts, oh what can it mean...

(The titles like the song, get it!? okay good) First I want to start by saying HAPPY BELATED VALENTINES DAY guys and gals! I hope all of you, whether single or taken, had a wonderful day full of fun! In other news, it is a FABULOUS week here in the Ville de Green with amazing weather and a light workload and to put it simply...I am just in a really good mood! But before I begin this blog post I have two extremely exciting things to share with you!

Tomorrow my lovely boss Leslie whom I have been interning with for about a month or two is sharing a post on her blog, A Blonde Ambition, that I wrote for her! I am BEYOND excited about this opportunity and cannot believe that I have the chance to work along someone so talented and stylish! Leslie is extremely sweet and graciously took me as her intern and I cannot wait to learn from her and start my career in fashion world! The assignment was to write about my favorite designers and trends for Sprig 2011! So MAKE SURE that you tune in tomorrow where I am going to post a link right to the article that I wrote! I AM SO EXCITED PEOPLE!

At the beginning of the year I met a fellow fashionista named Allison! She is stylish and sweet and wears amazing clothes and I am so glad we are getting to know each other! Unfortunately we are taking geology together (I am saying unfortunately because geology is seriously the most boring class I have EVER had) and after one day of cramming for a test and many other days of getting to know each other, she told me she would help me take pictures for Pirates Prevailing Taste AND be the second person whose hot outfit I posted about! I was so happy! I love Allison and I can't wait to get to know her better and write about my favorite thing with her...CLOTHES. And now, finally, the real blog post begins...


The urban dictionary definition of jorts, while hilarious, does not give them enough credit...


jean shorts; stylish casualwear for the unpretentious
Dude, those jorts are slammin'! Did you get them at Penney's?

While jean shorts may not look appealing on men over 5 who pair them with any type of NASCAR attire or a mullet, they can look perfectly acceptable on WOMEN who are stylish and want to keep it casual. A couple years ago the popular trend of jean shorts came back into play and it has yet to leave! Jean shorts are cute and trendy and can be worn on almost anyone. They can be paired with many different things and continue to look adorable. The latest craze for jean shorts is coupling them tights. Yesterday, my new partner in crime Allison was rocking the jorts and tights look paired with a chic blazer and some oxford-style shoes! Can you say VOGUE!?

Here is my rendition of pairing jorts with tights that I pulled together today....

Here is the moral of the story folks, jorts don't have to look 90's. They don't have to be paired with a cooler and a redneck hairdo, and they definitely don't always look bad. They can look CHIC, STYLISH, TRENDY, HOT, FASHIONABLE and any other describing word you can think of that means FIERCE. So do not be scared to buy some jorts! And if you don't have enough money in your wallet (like me) pull out some jeans that don't fit you like you wish they did and give them a little makeover! Then go to Target, buy some tights for 7 dollars (like me) and pair them with your new jean shorts! You will be lookin fly in a matter of minutes! Do you want to know why? Cus jorts rock, dude.

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

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lkm said...

your jorts look rad, dude.

p.s. my word to publish this as a comment was "skete" hahaha