Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rockin' Ray-Bans and Toms

First off I want to give a shout out to Laura (click her name to go straight to her blog) for designing my new blog! I love it and I think it looks cute and fresh and ideal for all the students whose pictures will be posted here on PPT! Thanks twin!

In other news, the weather in Greenville has been absolutely PERFECT lately. Seriously people, you don't even understand how amazing it has been! 75 in February?? What! Yes please.

On Friday, my wonderfully talented accomplice Allison and myself went out on a stalker date in front of Dowdy (one of the cafeteria areas here at ECU.) With her camera in hand and I by her side, we made our way up to subject after subject to tell them about the blog and ask permission for their picture to be posted on PPT! Let me just say, it was WAY easier to ask people when I had Allison beside me then when I was by myself nervously chasing people around my school. We saw a TON of chic outfits, but two popular trends that stood out were...
Ray-Ban style sunglasses
and TOMS 

Here are some fashion forward Pirates who rocked the TOM and Ray-Ban look in this amazing spring weather...

These old school Ray-Bans were looking hot and happenin' and ideal for Spring.
The way this beautiful blonde paired an Alexa Chung style neck-tie with rustic cowboy boots and some animal print Ray-Ban style sunglasses was effortlessly adorable.
Not only did the style of these Pirates rival that of an artsy Chuck Bass, but they combined the TOM and Ray-Ban trends perfectly.
This smiling student paired lace up TOMS with a more casual look and yet still looked perfectly appropriate for the first signs of spring.

Thats all we've got for today my fashionable friends but stay tuned for some more pictures of chic pirates around ECU! Hope you all have a FAB weekend!

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy


lkm said...

yay! I want some ray bans! very cool :)
thanks for the shoutout! love love!

Ashley said...

The blog looks great! And I love the need to do much more of this!