Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Acts of Trendiness

It is another perfect day where the weather is in the 70's and EVERYONE at ECU is taking advantage of it! Shorts, sandals and skirts were pulled out closets, bins, and suitcases and dusted off to be worn way more than once between now and next Autumn. On Friday, when Allison and I were scouring out chic students on campus, we took picture after picture of pirates that didn't really have a common "theme" to their clothes, but still looked FIERCE. This is when I came up with a new idea that will go down once a week! The title is....


This is where we take all the pictures that don't really fit into a category or theme and throw them together to make their own group...BAM! Fab idea right? I thought so. Now for our first Random Acts of Trendiness post! Hope you enjoy it guys...

The gold jewelry that adorned this mod pirate was trendy and classy, while having funky flair accented by the tiger and umbrella charms on her bracelet.
This blue blouse with its airy quality is perfectly appropriate for the in-between weather of winter and spring.
While rockin' his Yankees hat this grinning student was looking fresh, fashionable, and above all else, very friendly.
Denim shirts are all the rage these days, and this stylish student paired it perfectly with an accent of purple and some hot shoes to top off his look.
Adding some tribal flair (which is VERY in this season) to his ensemble, this undergraduate was looking absolutely up to snuff with the latest spring trends.
Although the weather is gradually getting warmer, a brightly colored scarf can add a pop of color to any outfit.
Its obvious that this Travie McCoy look-alike (aka: the lead singer of Gym Class Heros) was dressed to impressed with some classic aviator style sun glasses and a bright blue t-shirt that is an ideal color for spring.

Thats all we have for our first R.A.O.T post, pronounced like riot with a british accent in case you were wondering, but make sure you keep an eye out for some more pictures coming up soon on PPT! Enjoy this marvelous Monday and...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas,
<3 Lindy


Ashley said...

Let's start a R.A.O.T! Hahahaha

Paige said...

i seriously love this! and the pictures all look really great, especially with the new background (: