Friday, December 9, 2011


          The anxiety and anticipation in Fedora Boutique seemed almost palpable as I stepped inside the brightly lit store. From the orange walls to the shelves and counters lined with trendy clothes and the floors shimmering with twinkle lights, it was as if this shop tucked into the corner of Arlington Village was made for a local fashion show. Students and various adults who offered their help were adding the finishing touches to the shop. Chocolate chip cookies, crackers, hummus and chips, cheesecake and white wine were just a few of the food items that were graciously offered to anyone who came to support this adorable new store. After chatting with some fellow volunteers, I gradually made my way through the makeshift runway lined with foldable black chairs and blue lights into a back room where the models were getting ready. Pushing back the velvety black curtain, hangers draped with billowy tops, sleek skinny jeans, skirts covered in sequins, tribal print vests and too many cute clothes to fathom bombarded my vision. It was any girls dream. Surrounded by amazing clothes, fun music, fashionable friends and delicious food? Yes please. 

          The Alexander Paul hair and makeup team was hard at work painting long lashes with thick black mascara, topping plump cheeks with petal pink blush and batting, curling, straightening and twisting long locks into various chic hairdos. Volunteers were more than helpful, arranging the racks in order by which model would be wearing what outfit and preparing themselves for the quick changes that would be occurring when the show actually began. Each model was scheduled to wear 3 different looks, so making sure that the ensembles were organized and planned out played a detrimental roll in the fashion shows success. The hour that spanned between when I got there and when the show was supposed to begin flew by and before I knew it friends and family were making their way inside Fedora. I wished the girls good luck, snapped a couple shots while I had the chance, and made my way to my seat at the very front of the runway. After Kaitlyn introduced herself with a big smile and a side laughter, a fun raffle and lots of applause followed. Then it was time for the show to begin. 
          The lights dimmed and flirty iPod music pumped from the speakers behind the runway. As soon as the girls walked out, all eyes were on them. The show was debuting Fedora's holiday clothes and they were anything but ordinary. Royal blues, vivacious reds, loud patterns and ostentatious silhouettes traipsed down the runway. Although the gorgeous girls were various heights and curvaceousness, it didn't matter...clothes that are appropriate for any body type is something that Fedora thrives on. Glitter, skinny belts and booties were a few of the trends that stood out so strongly it would've been impossible not to notice. The women that strutted their stuff on the catwalk owned every second of fame. Not an ounce of nervousness showed on their faces and the only thing that the audience noticed was the copious amounts of fun they were having. From pencil skirts to puffy shoulders and chunky necklaces to sky high stilettos, almost any style that was at New York Fashion Week was present at Fedora. Long striped blazers that fastened below the waist with shiny gold buttons and flowing mini dresses cinched with thick leather belts were displayed on the models as they carried their heel clad feet down the catwalk. Once the last look walked back behind the velvet curtain, all the models made their way back onto the runway with mile long smiles and claps coinciding with the click of their pumps on the hardwood. Cheers and laughs filled the room and before we knew it the runway had turned into a floor full of people celebrating a job well done. The Fedora Holiday Fashion show was a HUGE success and I was so grateful to be able to attend and write about such an amazing event. Not only did the models and volunteers have a great time, but the attendees left with full stomachs, great memories and bags filled to the brim with Fedora fashion. And who doesn't love that??

keep on keepin on fashionistas

P.S - Scroll down for tons of fun pictures!

all photos by Fedora FB page, Rampant Photography & personally taken

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