Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oversized Outerwear

One trend that I have LITERALLY seen over 5 times this morning as I sit here in Starbucks sipping my delicious coffee and observing my fashionable peers is oversized outerwear. From huge boots to baggy cardigans and all the way to droopy infinity scarves, this large and in-charge craze has gradually made its way from the catwalk to campus. Although some fashionistas prefer fitted ensembles, I am OBSESSED with this ill-fitted trend. When I throw on an oversized sweater and some oversized glasses with boots that are way to big around my ankles, I feel exceptionally in-style. Just like the Man Repeller says, the more freaked out a guy gets when he sees your outfit...the more trendy it is. (At least in a majority of cases, sometimes you really just shouldn't be wearing that) As the colder weather turns from crisp to frigid, outerwear is becoming a hot commodity! Two essential items that are outstanding when oversized are beanies are jackets. I have seen student after student walking around ECU wearing these items in a way that rivals that of Rumi Neely on Fashiontoast.
Beanies and jackets are perfect for cold weather, and they can take your outfit from everyday to everyone being envious of your ensemble! Here are some pictures to inspire you to go out and find something ostentatious and oversized to throw into your wardrobe...
all pictures via PINTEREST
So next time you want to wear something that will keep you warm, provide some room for snuggling down into your seat during class AND keep you up-to-date with the latest trends... why not try something oversized? Once you do you will be hooked, just like me! (except hopefully not as severely as I am, for the sake of your wallet and the men in your life....)

keep on keepin on fashionistas 

P.S- Don't forget tomorrow I will be posting a piece about the Fedora Holiday Fashion Show! Stay tuned!

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