Friday, December 2, 2011

iPhone Phridays

So I decided that on Fridays I'm just going to post random pictures that I take on my brand new iPhone 4S! I am OBSESSED with it and I take a BILLION pictures on it so I wanted to share them with ya'll! Apologies to all the people who already see most of them on Twitter and Instagram, I've been going a little overboard lately. They won't all be about fashion and some may be annoying because a lot of them I take of myself making goofy faces or of food or something silly like that, but hey! Who cares right? It's just for fun and now you will get to know me a little better and I will have them saved on here like a mini online scrapbook! YAY! So with a little spelling tweak to add some fun and flair, introducing my first iPhone Phriday post (drum roll please) ....

The itty bitty bodice I have sitting on my dresser. probably one of my favorite decorations in my room!
Rocked my emo shoes that I used to wear to hip-hop class in highschool. Not fashionable, but so cool and comfortable dude.
A picture of my column about what to wear to holiday parties in The East Carolinian! Click the link here!
About to get my study on before a final the other day. I'm a loser but I thought my hair looked good so it called for a photo!
This is cubbie, the dog I bought my boyfriend for Christmas lat year. He's adorable and I love him SO much!
Totally what I want as my next haircut.
Vanilla greek yogurt with mixed berries and cinnamon raisin granola. My FAVORITE snack, meal, name it!
Early morning coffee with peppermint creamer. SO good!
a pit-stop at the Elon Starbucks before I made my way back to Greenville.
An amazing dress from Urban Outfitters that I'm FINALLY wearing tonight on a date with the bf.
(excuse my messy room) This is just an outfit I wore to class the other day when I was aiming for cute, yet casual and comfortable! Loved it.

So anywho, that is just a fun little post I thought I'd try! What do you think of it? Fan? Not a fan? Let's hear some feed back, fashionable people! But until the next iPhone photo...

keep on keepin on fashionistas

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Ashley said...

Yay! Your outfit looks really cute! : )