Wednesday, December 7, 2011

T-shirt Scarves and Fashion Show Previews

Do you have a billion T-shirts in your closet that are fun patterns or cute colors, yet you never wear them? Well I have the perfect solution my friends! The T-shirt scarf...
Not only are scarves huge this season, but they are a simple and comfortable way to accessorize! The T-shirt scarf is a fabulous solution for all those tees in your closet that you want to clear out yet are too trendy or sentimental to toss. The other day I took one of my T-shirts that I really liked but never wore and I turned it into a new scarf that I LOVE! What do you think?..
Cute right!? I found out this idea from my terrifically talented twin sister and I became obsessed with the idea of taking one fashion and transforming it into another! Click HERE to go to her blog and see the simple directions for how to make the beloved T-shirt scarf...

In other news, last night I got to attend Fedora Boutique's Holiday Fashion Show and I had a BLAST!
I am going to start working with this adorable store after Christmas break and I cannot wait! I will be helping out with media publicity such as blogging, Facebook and Twitter and I will also be able to go into the store and work hours whenever they need me. How perfect is that? Employee discount YES PLEASE! Last night they hosted a fashion show to debut the stores chic clothing and it went splendidly! I got to go behind the scenes and take pictures of the models as they got ready to strut their stuff and then I was able to watch the finished product! 
Friday I am going to be posting a piece about the show FULL of fun pictures and fashion trends and I want all of ya'll to make sure you stay tuned, it should be up by Noon on the 9th! Until then...

keep on keepin on fashionistas

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