Monday, March 28, 2011

Fringe Benefits

I don't know what your closet looks like but mine already holds 2 pairs of fringy boots and with RETRO STYLE coming back into play, I have a feeling a lot more FRINGE will make its way onto my shelves very soon! This Native American flare can change any outfit from humdrum to hippie chic in a matter of seconds! boots, shirts, vests, sandals, skirts, and even bangs that have fringe are showing up all throughout the fashion world! Here are some pictures of fierce fringy clothing and accessories that will hopefully inspire you to embrace your inner POCAHONTAS! Take a look my friends....

I hope these pictures inspired you to add some fringe to your closet, or just make some of your own! Here is a DIY idea for a fringe scarf that is cheap, easy and absolutely ADORABLE for any fashionable and inventive indian! And now, my brothers, I must part and make my way off into the vast unknown that makes up the rest of my Monday! BUT FIRST let me leave you with an insightful link that I you want to know what your Native American name is?? I sure did! click here and figure out what title your tribal elders have graced you with! Have a peaceful Monday, my children of the fields!

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
Mina (aka Lindy)


Ashley said...

My Native American name is Dowanhowee. Please start calling me that. : )

Claire said...

That bag is just darling!