Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ohhhh The Luck'O The Irish!

I hope all my ECU Pirates had a FANTASTIC spring break! The sun is shining, the weekend is almost here and everyone around campus is decked in green from head to toe! Now THAT sounds like a good day, don't ya think laddy!? Here are some Random Acts of Trendiness that we saw the week before everyone hit the beach for a much needed vacation....

This chic pirate was ready to hit the streets of NYC! Her colorful floral blouse paired with the oh-so-in-style leather bomber jacket was perfect for the start of Spring!
This lovely Pirates dress screamed MOD! The way she paired it with some funky flats and a loose fitting blazer was effortlessly on point!
No questions asked this student has flare! Her off the shoulder top coupled with black leggings, a pendant necklace, and adorable black sandals looked comfortable and cute!

Thats all we have have for right now lassies! I'll be seein' you!

<3 Lindy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Top 'o the mornin'! (It sounds much better in an Irish accent.)

I'm so flattered to be on your blog! What's next? InStyle? Vogue?? Dreams, dreams.

I tune in to your blog every day! Check out mine too, if you want. (I ramble about anything, everything, and nothing at all.)

--the "MOD" pirate