Monday, March 21, 2011

Grassroots, Combat Boots, and Amazing Accessories.

As it has been for a while, the weather is continuing to blow me away (pun intended, ha!) The sun is hot, summer breeze is swirling around campus, and its slowly becoming more and more tempting to skip classes. People are getting SERIOUS cases of Spring-fever! Blankets are laid out over the grass in the mall and towels are sprawled over beach chairs as students tan and spend some stress free time in the sun. As the weather transitions from warm, to hot, to get-me-into-some-shade-im-gonna-die-of-a-heat-stroke temperatures, fashions continue to adjust. Tank tops, shorts, button downs, sandals, and sneakers and being dusted off and rocked by Pirates all over ECU! Here are some stylish students that are geared up for Summer weather...

This fashionable student wasn't afraid to rock some fierce footwear in the warm weather. The combination of a jean button down coupled with combat boots is exactly what the runways showed for Spring 2011!

Chic eyewear constantly pops up on PPT! These bright red glasses and tribal inspired shades not only help one stay stylish, but they keep the sun out of your eyes. Now THAT is a multifunctional accessory!

 An outfit isn't complete without some sublime accessories to finish it off! A vintage influenced wristwatch and some red All-Stars helped these posh Pirates accomplish ideal ensembles for this Summer weather preview.

So keep an eye out for Summer style around your school, and stayed tuned for some more FLAWLESS fashion here on PPT! Have a fabulous Monday and...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

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Ashley said...

People really do dress well there! A lot different looking than USC! : )