Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Over Spring break I spent my time in Charleston searching high and low for a turban! These hair pieces are unbelievably adorable, and according to the Spring 2011 runway trends (cue Heidi Klum voice) "turbans are IN and fedoras are OUT!" Here are some posh pictures of fashionistas, including myself, wearing turbans for Spring...

So I am taking the time to ask you, what are your opinions about this new fad? Is Turbanization on the prowl through your campus yet? Don't be afraid to stand out and become a trend setter with this haute hair accessory at your school! Lets hear some feedback, fashionistas!

that tis all.
<3 Lindy


Ashley said...

Once again, this looks so cute on fashionable people, but I would look ridiculous. : ) I love it on you!

lkm said...

I lyke dem.