Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Inspiration

During weekends at ECU the majority of people do not come out during the day wearing "cute clothes" unless they have some special event to go to. What one would NORMALLY see on a Saturday is a slue of people wearing "lets-go-downtown" outfits starting at about like 7 o'clock that night, and at every other time of the day they're probably going to be in sweats or a bathing suit! Because of this interesting phenomenon that is sweeping over college campuses such as mine, I decided that I had to come up with a weekend blog post that still involved fashion, but didn't feature students! Heres what I came up with....
What I'm going to do is every Saturday I'm going to share with you what fashion inspiration I found that week, and hopefully get your mind twirling with your own inspiration for the weekend! Drum roll please, here is the first of MANY Saturday Inspiration posts! Enjoy...

I hope these pictures inspired you as much as they did me and that you're itching to go explore your closet, get creative with your hairstyles, slip on some chic shoes, and hit the town with a Saturday Inspired outfit! Enjoy this amazing weather lovelys!

<3 Lindy

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