Monday, January 23, 2012

INSPIRATION & Lindy Lately

(get it?? like Chelsea Lately? Mmkay...)
As you can see, one trend that I am so BEYOND obsessed with this year is the "I'm lazy and casual, yet I just happen to look gorgeous right now" look. It's so effortlessly perfect and I wish I could wear it everyday... But I can't and I don't have enough stuff in my wardrobe to pull that off (sigh) oh well! A girl can dream right? Anywho, I bought some new eye makeup recently that is a mix of golds, whites and browns and I have been using it every single day this week (worn with my attempt of the casual-yet-hot look). It's very simple and I think it's ideal for winter weather. The other day I combined it with some foresty greens and I loved the way it turned out...
what do you think? I thought it looked pretty! I've started to do more eyeshadow around the outer corners of my eyes and I really like that style. It's like a very subtle understated smokey eye and it's perfect for people like me who only like pictures of the side of their face (haha- I know I'm weird.) I also bought some new shades from Target and I'm super excited to wear them. I had an old pair that had a Ray-Ban animal print frame but one of the lenses popped out. Sadness. ( It was like four months ago) So I desperately needed a new pair. Only 12 bucks? I'll take em! They mix browns and blacks and kind of have a tortoise shell plaid look so I know I can wear them with anything in my wardrobe.
Another fun thing I decided to do this week is copy some pictures of fashion sketches onto poster board and frame them for a blank wall in my room. Although this is an extremely daunting task that is going to take weeks, and my hand feels like it's going to fall off from coloring with my new colored pencils for hours on end, I think it'll be worth it when I get to the finished product! The original sketches are done by two AMAZING artists, Hayden Williams and Inslee Haynes, so make sure you check out their sites if you're looking for a fun and fashionable sketch to hang up in your room! Here are the four pictures I'm going to recreate...
Gorgeous right? I'll be sure to upload the pictures that I draw when I am finished. I am not a perfect artist in any sense of the word, but I think the pictures will turn out as somewhat accurate not as dainty and perfect versions so that's just going to have to do! What have YOU been up to lately??

keep on keepin on fashionistas

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Ashley said...

I love that gray 3/4 sleeve sweater. So cute! And I think your sketches will turn out great!