Monday, January 9, 2012

Long Time Comin'

Wow... I haven't blogged since Christmas! WHAT. I apologize for the lack of posts...but it was a long, relaxing break and I enjoyed every minute of it. I spent time with my amazing family, boyfriend and friends and I celebrated all that God has blessed me with! My face was stuffed with delicious food, my pajamas stayed on for hours on end and my wallet became a little too empty after days spent shopping and drinking Starbucks. All in all, it was a perfect break!
My closet is now filled with plenty of stylish items that I am DYING to wear to class (slash kind of not cus I am one of those weird girls who likes to save all my new clothes for weeks and weeks just being excited that I have something I haven't worn yet hanging in my closet). I had previously picked out a sheer blouse that I knew I wanted to wear this morning, but when I looked out the window to figure out what to do with my hair I realized that spending forever straightening my lion mane would not have been worth it. Want to know why? Well, it's because of this thing called FRIZZ. Yep, frizz... and I have way too much of it. Misty rain was coming down in sheets and my hair wouldn't have lasted two seconds of my walk to class. After quick thinking I decided to do a new style that I was itching to try...a PONYTAIL MOHAWK! I am in love with how it turned out. The double ponytail may seem a little childish to some, but pair it with a big poof and slicked back sides and you will be looking rocker chic! What do you think??
I love it and I am definitely going to be sporting another one sometime soon! It's very girly, flirty and fun and makes my hair look extra long (which I never turn down)! Another thing that I was excited about today was beginning second semester with CollegeFashionista! My new bio went live this morning and I am so thrilled to see what this semester holds. One thing that I am really looking forward to is writing posts about male AND female students with a post each Monday called Style Advice Of The Week. It was very challenging finding solely stylish men around ECU, but being a fashion major I know I am bound to find more than one girl to take a snap shot of for my new column, woohoo! So make sure you check out my updated CF biography and stay tuned for more posts coming up here on PPT! Hope you all had a magnificent Monday!...

keep on keepin on fashionistas

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