Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Tonight after I hopped out of the shower, wiped off my fogged up mirror and began the mundane routine of getting ready for bed, a thought popped into my head. And no, I don't usually think of random questions like this haha. I'm unsure of what came over me, but here goes nothin...

"Who came up with & what is the definition of pretty?" 
After moments of quizzical faces made in my mirror and thought at why I was thinking such a unpremeditated thing, I realized that the reason this thought came to mind was because of my twin. (She's great, you can read her blog here) Just before I showered I had been iChatting with her and I kept thinking about how pretty she looked. And let me assure you, just because she is my twin doesn't mean I am sitting here writing a post about how gorgeous I am haha. Those comments are always so strange to me. In my mind we definitely look similar, but we aren't "identical" so much that when I'm talking about her it's as if I'm talking about myself...that's just weird.
     But anywho, aside from how pretty I know she is on the inside, she is just as pretty on the outside. Long perfectly blonde hair, a bright smile, porcelain skin and blue eyes; all qualities that others would die to have. But who came up with that standard, I wondered? Who came up with the qualities that other girls want so badly to possess? Who was the person to say...

"hey. This girl right here...she is pretty." OR "That body type and that hair color is ugly."

Who were they to have the right to do that? As far as I know (and I'd like to think I'm pretty well studied) the Bible doesn't mention the definition of pretty. And if I remember correctly, after 18 plus years of history classes, there isn't a famous historian who wrote down the definition of pretty for the first time in Webster or some other famous dictionary (at least not someone that I took notes on or payed attention to in class.) The definition of pretty in our society has been so skewed by the media, what others think or desire, and industries such as the fashion world that people are actually getting more bad out of it than good. Young girls with eating disorders or students with low self-esteem aren't gaining from people constantly cutting others down who aren't "up to par" with the latest standards of "what's hot".
Shouldn't everyone focus on what's on the inside? To me, the definition of pretty shouldn't solely be a 5'9 frame, mile long legs, a curvy figure and a perfect face. Pretty should be treating others like you want to be treated. Pretty should be setting moral examples for your peers and living your life in the best way possible. Someone who does THAT emulates the definition of someone who is pretty. And while some people (like my sister) may be blessed with an amazing personality and a pretty face, the thing that stands out shouldn't be the things you see when you look at them. What should stand out is who they are as a person.

So as I step down off of my momentary soap box, I leave you with your very own question to think about for the night:
"What is YOUR definition of pretty?" 

and if it's a surface answer, then just remember...

Beauty isn't only skin deep.
keep on keepin on fashionistas