Saturday, July 2, 2011

Misery Makeup

Apparently I like to watch music videos and then try and do my makeup and hair like the people in them. I think its because normally the people who star in them are gorgeous, like Anne Vyalitsyna. She is SO pretty I can hardly stand it. I want to look like her....and date Adam Levine (sigh) that would be the life.

Last night I attempted to do my makeup like hers from this video, except toned down a little bit because

A. I wasn't dressing up as a gorgeous model who is trying to kill someone in a music video 
B. I was only going to my boyfriends church softball game, and that would've looked silly.

So here I am looking ridiculous with my smokey eye makeup and denim button down...ROCK ON!
If you want this look, here's what you do....
What You Need
1. Black pencil eyeliner
2. Black liquid eyeliner
3. Black or dark gray eyeshadow
4. Champagne glitter eyeshadow
5. Your favorite mascara 
1. Line the top of your lids with black pencil liner. Make sure its extra thick and wing the sides.
2. Go over the black liner with a dark black/gray shadow with an angle brush to make sure it looks rubbed in and to give it a smokier look.
3. Line your tear-line with black pencil liner, thicker on the outside corner of your eye and skinny towards the inside of your eye.
4. Grab your fluffy brush and dark gray shadow and fill in the outside corners of your eyes. Then top gray shadow with champagne glitter eye shadow over entire eyelid.
5. Go over bottom and top eye liner with black liquid liner to make the lines look clean and smooth.
6. Top with your favorite mascara.

ALL DONE! How simple is that? Make sure you try out this smokey eye whenever your ready for a night on the town, cus remember...misery loves company.

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

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