Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TOP 10 Wants For Fall 2011... and just cus they're cute.

Combat Boots. I don't care what color they are (...okay not brown, cus I already have brown motorcycle boots..) but I want some combat boots on my feet PRONTO.
A sheer tunic or blouse. How CHIC are those?? They look adorable with skinny jeans, leggings, or tucked into a skirt! Add a scarf on top and you're ready to roll.
Some neutral colored shorts. You can wear them in the summer with a tank top, or in the fall with tights and boots! MUST HAVE.
An army green blouse or button down shirt. With jeans-LOVE. With a skirt-LOVE. With pretty much anything-LOVE.
A navy blazer. They can pretty much make any ensemble look chic and they look adorable with jean shorts! 
A red skirt. How adorable are red skirts!? A. They're cute for fall OR summer AND B. They can look cute with any top! And another added bonus, it's cute for Christmas!
Some leopard shoes. Leopard spices up every outfit and can look chic with ANY color!
Some army green skinny jeans or cargo pants! Yes please. These are SO unbelievably stylish for Fall!
A one shoulder long sleeved dress. Worn with booties or with leggings and boots! LOVE.
A baggy sweater in white, cream, or beige. Need I say why? I think not.

What are you looking forward to buying for Fall 2011 OR just for fun? Cus every girl loves to shop, right!? ...Stupid question...

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

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