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Summer Swank & Crackle Nail Polish How-To

Today we have a VERY special post on PPT! Our photograph Allison has graciously written her own version of a summer style piece! The trends she talks about are fierce and ready to be tried out! Take a look, ladies and gents...
Summer Swank

Well, we are certainly in the thick of it kids.  How about this ride into summer? Guess thats why they call it sin city. All corny and over used jokes aside, it certainly is hot out there folks.  I hope you aren’t staying inside on your computers, phones, ipads and blogs, but soaking up the sun and hittin the pool!

It almost feels easier in the winter to find things to wear, to layer up the cutest clothes and combine a deliciously intriguing outfit ready for the runway.  Strip down to nothing in the summer and run naked you say?  Well maybe at Bonnaroo, but here in Philadelphia we are all trying our best to stay cool and *a la mode*.  Well while you lovely readers are either lounging pool side with Mojitos, or busting your butt in two jobs trying to save money, hopefully you can find some solace here on Pirates Prevailing Taste.

First things first, it would not be the summer if we didn't show a little skin.  While high waisted shorts are the way to go, the perfect piece to match your favorite vintage shorts is with a crop top or corset.  While we scour fashion blogs in search for the latest summer item to wear (which all seem two hundred dollars over budget), Urban Outfitters has fortunately provided us with an affordable top here.  Mixing textures is being seen among those walking the runway as well as the streets this season.  This snake-skin top is perfect for any summer concert or festival.
Whether we can make it to Coachella or Bonnaroo, the festival styles are contagious for the summer time, especially during this 70s and 60s inspired times.
Another trend that I’m sure MANY of you have seen, are already wearing, or have read about is feathers!  Well, they certainly have made their stamp and do not appear to be leaving any time soon.  Feathers have taken the world of fashion by storm and are continuing their way into Fall 2011.  However, before we get ahead of ourselves and lose our summer talking about the fall, check out the latest in feathers.  Keeping feathers looking more natural and earth toned is what to focus on people! 
Not only are feathers the latest hair craze, designers and artists are incorporating the natural tools into other wearable accessories.  Laurel Wells has created a set of fringe and feather necklaces.  
Karl Lagerfeld has his very own Chanel behind the feather obsession starting for this Fall collection.  This amazing top is beaded with primarily feathers and sequins.  
A few months ago, I put in my own feathers, which I conveniently bought on for only $18 and put in myself! 
While we offer all our congrats to Kate Moss on her big day and adore her wedding dress…my eyes seem to constantly wonder to something else in her wedding pictures.  I am truly in love with the flower pieces adorned by the beautiful girls in her wedding party!  Not only are they embracing the care free Bohemian feel of the summer, they are following the trends that have been swaying us back to the 70s era.  While hippie headbands are always a great accessory for fun in the sun, maybe try taking a more natural route.  It is something new and a very bold statement piece.  Whenever I am putting together an outfit, I always try to find something that isn't necessarily seen on every other person that I see walking to class.  Don't be afraid that you don't fit into a category, rock what you want to rock…fashion's not entirely about what you’re wearing, it's about your attitude!
With a little help from our friends at Chictopia, we all can create a fresh free-spirit headpiece.   Get out there and rock it! 
Looking past the light days of summer, every fashionista must think about evenings.  I know that nights in my home city, Philadelphia, as well as Greenville can get a little cold.  Cropped tops and high waisted shorts must retire for the day.  What to wear next? Taking a direction into the fall’s next fashion step, try on these for size…ankle grazers.  Walk with me as we look at how these fresh pants can show off your figure as well as your new pumps.
While we all want to pull off the allure and style of Audrey, Urban Outfitters makes this possible showing us great affordable styles of ankle grazers!

Last month I stumbled upon these black ankle grazers in a local thrift store for a mere 6 dollars!
And finally, one of my most beloved looks for this sweet sweet summer…chiffon.  No this is not your mothers chiffon ladies and gentlemen…we may be taking it old school, but listen a little closer to the stereo, it is pumped up! 
It seems appropriate so recent to our nations birthday that we make note about the most American clothing line to date, American Apparel.  American Apparel declares everything about their productions 100% American. Well, God Bless America because this brand is a key force pushing chiffon this season.  Heard it hear, chiffon is hot this summer! 

The most appealing feature about this versatile material has to be the light fluidity of this fabric.  The fact that chiffon happens to exude an aura of effortlessness is just an extra bonus.  (Please do your best to pardon the more quality of this photo)
Regardless of this poor photo, I absolutely adore my chiffon blouse.  I wear it for several different occasions…dressed up, sexy, casual.  Just another feature of chiffon that I love this season: all of its versatility.  

I am SO excited to have written a piece for all of you!  I hope your summer’s are going fabulously with beautiful vacations, wonderful tans, and bangin wardrobes!


WOW. I think we can all agree that this girl knows her clothes! How epic was that piece!? I hope it inspired you to pump up your summer wardrobe and try out some of these trends! In other news, how many of ya'll have seen the chic trend of crackle nail polish? Well its been all over the fashion world lately and I am in love with it! So instead of going to the store to buy a bottle of it, I decided to come up with a homemade version! Check it out...

What You Need
1. Nail Polish Remover
2. Qtips or Cotton balls
3. A dark colored nail polish 
4. A lighter toned nail polish that matches with the darker color
5. Nail Polish cover 
6. Piece of a sponge
1. Paint nails with dark nail polish and then let it dry
2. Grab the sponge and paint the corner of it with the lighter nail polish. Then blot the sponge on top of your painted nails with the lighter color to give it the crackle effect.
3. Let the top coat of lighter nail polish dry, and then cover it with clear nail polish cover. 
4. Dip the top of a Qtip in nail polish remover and look over your nails making sure you get off any excess nail polish thats anywhere it shouldn't be!

ALL DONE! Don't you just LOVE this look? It's SO easy and adorable!

keep on keepin' on fashionistas
<3 Lindy

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